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Guide to Selling on SELLIT4ME

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_single_image image=”1775″ alignment=”center”][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Interested in selling your products on SELLIT4ME?

You are welcome!

This guide helps you through the initial steps of opening your store as a vendor, it shares tips on the best way to get a solid beginning and provides resources to assist you along the way.

Let’s get Started;

  • Go to the Vendor Registration Page
  • Follow through the details
  • Set up your store and store policies
  • Update your store logo and store banner
  • Become acquainted with SELLIT4ME

SELLIT4ME is one of a kind commercial centre for high-quality products, handmade items, vintage goods, culinary supplies and craft merchandise. On, you’ll discover a network of creators, entrepreneurs, and Vendors who all have the same interest for selling high quality, remarkable and uncommon merchandise.

In case you’re new to SELLIT4ME, please take some time and make an effort to become acquainted with us.

Opening your mini online store

To open a store, you will need to register to become a seller. This automatically creates a SELLIT4ME account for you. You would utilize this account to run your mini online store and purchase from different vendors on SELLIT4ME. After creating your account, set up your store’s appearance and policies.

  • To open your SELLIT4ME store:

Opening fee: To open a store, on SELLIT4ME, it would cost ₦2,000 which is a one-off Fee.

  • Click Vendor registration on
  • Choose your Email, store name, password, follow the then click Save and continue.
  • You need to complete the first step of opening your store on a desktop or mobile web browser.

Do I need a business license to sell on SELLIT4ME?

SELLIT4ME doesn’t require Vendors to have a business license to sell on SELLIT4ME. However, when selling on SELLIT4ME you’re required to follow any laws that apply to you as a small business selling online. If you have any questions regarding which laws apply to you, please contact a qualified professional.

  • Finish your store setup

Once you’ve signed up to sell on SELLIT4ME, there are a few steps you need to take to complete your store setup and prepare to start selling items. Like any online business, you should think through key factors in your selling workflow. Consider things like production time, policies, and your plan for shipping.

Key store elements to address:

Banner and store logo: Upload clear photos that represent the style of your brand and make a strong first impression on customers.

Store announcement: Share a brief welcome message with Customers.

About section: Upload videos or photos and share the story behind your products, how your business came to be, and what your vision is for your brand.

Store policies: Outline all your policies for shipping, returns, exchanges, payments, custom items, or any other guidelines that are important for customers to know before they make a purchase.

Add listings to your store

Once you’ve completed all your store sections, you are ready to start adding products to your SELLIT4ME store.

Advertising, Marketing, Branding, and Promotion

Having a Marketing Strategy is key to achieving more from your SELLIT4ME store. Marketing will enable new customers to discover your products, it also allows your current customers to get information about your store and can prompt a general rise in sales.

Tips for getting started with marketing:

  • Make sure you are constantly updating and streamlining your store products and prices on, Make sure to add your location so that your store can be found in local searches.
  • Link your store and connect it to your social media accounts so you can easily make posts about your business.
  • Consider paid adverts.
  • Consider offering discounts and incentives to customers.
  • Find local craft fairs or market where you can showcase and sell your merchandise.

Manage your online mini store

After you’ve listed your items on your online store, there are different elements you can use to oversee as your business growth. Such as product enhancement, diversification, pricing and affiliation.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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